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Online Laborer Services
"The auction" is for 8.00 hours of online labor work. Winning bidder agrees to provide all necessary tools, programs and information, for the execution and performance of any "online work" the winning bidder wishes to be preformed. Work must begin within 3 days after auction ends. Also, work duration cannot exceed 28 days beyond the end date of any AustinServices1 Online Laborer work auctions. In the unlikely event that this agreement becomes untenable to AustinServices1 Online laborers or winning bidder, AustinServices1 reserves the right to terminate this agreement immediately. ( winner bidder may be afforded a partial or full refund depending on the nature of any dispute with the winning bidder. )

"On the clock time" will begin once payment has been received and contact has been established and clear instructions of the task or tasks to be preformed are given. No illegal or objectionable tasks will be accepted. No Spamming Period

Some examples of task that can be preformed:

Need Some one to do your online grunt work

Online editing and proof reading

Script summaries and synopsis

Chat room host/Monitor

Filling Orders Online

Submitting website urls and media campaign ads and info. to search engines.

Ad Sense Creation and Maintenance

Pixel by Pixel Editing

Online Auction Ad Submissions

Responding to customer E-mail and Complaints

Contact me today and let me  know what services you need preformed online.

Your Virtual Contract Employee is available for you now.

*If you are interested in being a AustinServices1 Virtual Pool of Online Laborer and wish to be put on my referral list of jobs; then please e-mail with your name, telephone, and a brief descriptions of the online tasks you can perform.

AustinServices1 Online Laborers will have the following tools to conduct virtual business:

*A Paypal Account or other current electronic means of getting paid

Skype Account*Msn Messenger Account*Telephone/Land Line*A Smart Mobile Phone *A Computer from which to work from (windows xp or higher, and

capable of running most currently used software and browsers.)*Linux and Mac/Apple owners contact me. An e-mail Address ( that you check often )

Contact Mr. Austin at e-mail address AustinServices1@

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